Hawaii Leadership

Pastor Bryan Suzui

Hawaii Ministry Leader
Bryan Suzui always had a deep desire to reach political leaders for Christ, but it wasn’t until he was trained to lead a Capitol Ministries discipleship Bible study to the Hawaii Legislature that he fully understood why.

After Ministry Leader training, Bryan read Ralph Drollinger’s book, Rebuilding America, The Biblical Blueprint, and learned that Capitol Ministries is following a biblical mandate to reach political leaders with the Word of God. Paul’s commission from God was to: “…bear My name before the Gentiles and kings and the sons of Israel,” Acts 9:15. Between the micro groups of Gentiles and Jews was the macro group of kings and leader of nations. Scripture shows that in both the Old and the New Testaments, disciples or prophets always spoke to leaders in governments. Bryan also serves as senior pastor at Faith Christian Church in Pearl City on the island of O’ahu near the capital of Honolulu.

“I am going to the Capitol as a disciple maker. I will be teaching good sound doctrine so lawmakers will be transformed by it and so they themselves will be disciples and reach out to others. That is going to change how they make policy, how they vote, and it is going to cause a ripple effect that will transform our state and hopefully, our nation.”