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Dr. Dean Mathis

Michigan Ministry Leader
Since 2012, Dean Mathis has been known among Michigan Senators and Representatives at the Michigan Capitol Building for his “Windshield Ministry.”

That’s what Rev. Mathis calls the weekly Bible study that he created to Members of the Michigan legislature, the majority of whom commute daily to the centrally located Lansing capital. Establishing a sit-down Bible study proved to be difficult to schedule and so Rev. Mathis solved the problem by recording his weekly studies on CDs so legislators could listen to them on their commutes.

The 20-minute long in-depth exegetical studies have been very well received. Rev. Mathis hand delivers them to 42 lawmakers and addition staff members so he may meet with them personally and pray for them. The studies are also distributed to donors, supporters and others who request them. In 2017 he delivered 1,185 Bible studies and in the first 8 weeks of session in 2018, he delivered 330 Bible studies to Legislators. One Lawmaker said he listened to the studies as he drove home and when he got home, he listened to them again. Another said he used the Bible studies as a basis for lessons in his own Sunday school class.

“The Bible is foundational to the beginning of our country. Understanding the Bible is vitally important for those who hold elected office because it and it alone gives us the counsel  and absolute truth needed for moral decision-making. It is the foundation of rationality and logical thinking based upon the very mind of God Himself.”