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Rev. Perry Gauthier

Nebraska Ministry Leader
Nearly a third of Nebraska’s 49 state Senators regularly attend the weekly Bible studies that Perry Gauthier has led for 12 years.

Along with the in-depth exegetical studies Pastor Gauthier authors and leads weekly, the Senators enjoy catered breakfasts arranged by Faith, Pastor Gauthier’s wife and ministry partner. The same Bible study is taught separately every Wednesday to legislative staff with the Gauthiers providing a catered lunch one week and staff bringing brown bags from home the next.

Over the years Pastor Gauthier has examined the lives of biblical giants such as David and Daniel. He recently completed a 13-part Good Government series that was inspired, in part, by the recent trend of Evangelical Christians to move away from any involvement in government, and the demeaning attitudes that are being displayed toward the God-ordained institution of civil government. Pastor Gauthier believes that many people make the mistake of shunning any involvement in government because they consider it to be a necessary evil instead of recognizing it as God’s brilliant idea and one of the five institutions that He established on earth.

“Church and state are supposed to cooperate wonderfully and push culture forward. I like to say civil servants are societal saviors – sort of. If the church injects God’s ethics and morality into government leaders, they will do what they are biblically supposed to do – curtail evil and promote good.”