Raymond Koffi, well-known for his popular CBN television ministry “Le Club 700”, is Capitol Ministries’ Director of Non-English-Speaking African nations.

In the post, Raymond recruits Bible-teaching evangelists and pairs them with Christian legislators to create discipleship ministries to political leaders in African nations where English is not the official language. Raymond replaced Jon Cassel who left the post after being named CM’s Africa Continental Director.

Politically astute and a strong believer, Raymond shares Capitol Ministries®’ passion to support Christian Public Servants in remaining true to their biblical values and representing their constituents in keeping with God’s precepts. Raymond recently took full advantage of recruiting opportunities he found at the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) Forum held in Yaoundé, Cameroun, his home country. At the conference, he manned the Capitol Ministries® booth where he met with several political leaders who expressed an interest in establishing a ministry in their countries. Raymond also organized the Capitol Ministries®’ 2018 Autumn African Training Conference in his home country of Cameroun, which drew CM representatives from across Africa. Several new Ministry Leaders were recruited at the Conference.

Raymond is much beloved as the co-host of the very popular Christian Broadcasting Network’s (CBN) “Le Club 700” television show, the French equivalent of “The 700 Club” program which is hosted in the U.S. by Pat Robertson. “Le Club 700” airs in French-speaking countries throughout the world.