Oscar Zamora has been CapMin's Latin America Director since 2017 and is excited for this addition, to see the Word of God greatly expand throughout the Caribbean!

Oscar has said that leaders of nations have always been ready to receive the Word of God and were just waiting for Capitol Ministries to show the way.

Under Oscar’s leadership, Bible study discipleship ministries have launched to federal political leaders in Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, and work is underway in many other nations. To ensure solid teaching, Oscar has arranged for dozens of Capitol Ministries’ Bible studies to be translated into Spanish and Portuguese, which is spoken in Brazil. Under his leadership, Ralph Drollinger’s book, Rebuilding America: The Biblical Blueprint, has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese under the new title, Reconstruyendo Una Nación (Rebuilding a Nation).

“When I presented Capitol Ministries to them, political leaders in Latin America nations said, ‘This is what we have been waiting for!’ I saw first-hand the open doors where God has allowed His Word to be taken. I am certain that the Capitol Ministries’ mission is part of God’s agenda for the world today!”