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Rosaire Bisson Capitol Ministries Vermont

Rosaire Bisson

State Director, Vermont
As one of the least churched states in the nation, Vermont has rocky soil when it comes to planting the Word of God, Rosaire Bisson, has found.

A recent study showed that Vermont is near the bottom of the 50 states in the number of people who claim a religion, with an estimated two percent of the population saying they are “born again.” But Pastor Bisson, along with long-time Christian, Rep. Vicki Strong, Orleans-Caledonia District 1, are growing roots in that rocky ground. Pastor Bisson leads a weekly Bible study sponsored by Rep. Strong to six Vermont state legislators. He serves up Scripture along with lunch, a hearty soup, which he provides. Pastor Bisson, who also serves as assistant pastor for Christ Community Alliance Church in Barre, VT, and Rep. Strong have named the Bible study, “Soup for the Soul.”

“New England is a tough place and I continue to tell people that I am more of a missionary. I am beginning by developing a bit of a thirst for the Word, and I am finding that legislators are open. Whether they are legislators or the general public, it is important for people to know the truth. They are a lot of good and decent people, but good and decent people don’t go to heaven unless they know the Lord.”