Ukraine Leadership
Vitali Orlov

Vitaliy Orlov

Ukraine Ministry Leader
As Russian troops invaded Ukraine and burned Bibles by the thousands, Vitaliy Orlov, vowed that the Bibles will be replaced and that he and other CapMin ministry leaders will continue teaching the Word of God to Ukrainian political leaders through the war.

Vitaliy attended the required Capitol Ministries training in Washington, D.C. in 2020 and began leading Bible studies to political leaders in Ukraine shortly thereafter.  A seminary-trained pastor and evangelist, Vitaliy served as the Director for the Missionary Bible School in Kharkiv and by God’s grace planted 12 churches. He traveled to 10 countries as a missionary and helped launch family-oriented ministries. He is the author of family training seminars and co-author of educational programs for public schools in Ukraine.

Vitaliy has worked in the Parliament of Ukraine as the advisor to an MP and assisted with organizing Bible teaching ministry in the Parliament. He is also the founder of the National Prayer Movement “Intercessors for Ukraine” which calls on the churches to specific action plan of prayer for the nation in key areas of influence. Since being trained as a CapMin ministry leader, Vitaliy has been driven by the mission to launch discipleship Bible teaching ministries in every municipality of Ukraine. Vitaliy is happily married to Julia and together they are raising two children.

Vitaliy’s Bible study continues to meet in Ukraine despite heavy shelling of the city in which it is held. He vows that the study will continue despite the war.

“The Bible is the sword and we want to make sure that all our military leaders are supplied with the Spiritual Sword to win the battles,” Vitaliy said. “No matter how many Bibles Russians burn, we will keep buying and placing God’s Word into the hands of the decision makers.”