Slavik Rymskyi, Capitol Ministries’ volunteer Global Director for Eastern and Western Europe, grew up in communist-controlled Ukraine where his family was persecuted for their Christian faith and his pastor grandfather was imprisoned for preaching the Bible.

But faith is strong in Slavik’s family. Rather than crush them, the persecution strengthened their resolve to worship the one true God. His grandparents copied the New Testament by hand and memorized it so they could teach their children. One handwritten book was secretly passed from one family member to another. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine enjoyed more religious freedom, and Slavik earned a degree in philology—the study of literary texts and oral and written historical sources—from Mechnikov University in Odessa. He earned a secondary degree at Ukraine’s President’s Academy for Public Administration. After foreign exchange internships, Rymskyi began a career with Social Services in the Odessa region, becoming the assistant to a Member of Parliament. He successfully ran for the office of councilman in the Odessa region and served for five years. He has served as Foreign Affairs Director for the Ukraine Conservative Movement. Since 2019, Rymskyi has worked with CapMin to establish Bible studies for political leaders in European capitals. He was named Global Director in the autumn of 2021. Rymskyi and his wife Sasha have been married since 2013 and have a son and a daughter. Sasha heads a charitable foundation that serves orphans and children in need.

During his career, Slavik made friendships and collected business cards from political and religious leaders across the continent. With this substantial database, Slavik will begin networking to recruit ministry leaders to lead Bible study discipleship ministries to public servants at all levels – from local government to parliaments. Sensing a calling from God, and with insights from the persecution his family suffered, Slavik is eager to be instrumental in the changes that will result when the hearts of leaders turn to Christ.

“CapMin’s mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the political arena throughout the world is very courageous, bold, and audacious, and it is inspired by God, propelled by prayer, and directed by the Holy Spirit,” he said.

“My father passed on the baton of faith to me and I value the preciousness and beauty of the Bible. I feel extremely privileged that I am tasked to reestablish “Sola Scripture” as one the pillars for Europe’s transformation.

“The Word of God has the power to take the nations from ashes and ruins into blooming economies, and from spiritual blindness and obliviousness to revival and transformation.”