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Mike Beresford Capitol Ministries Wisconsin

Mike Beresford

State Director, Wisconsin
Mike Beresford’s desire for the Bible study he leads is to mature legislators in The Faith so that they are centered in the Lord, confident of their identity in Christ, and to know that they are not alone in a place that would like to spit them out.

He wants them to know that God has placed them there in government, that government is His way to bring order to His Creation, and that trusting in a sovereign God is much bigger than any vote. Pastor Beresford, who is also Executive Pastor at High Point Church in Madison, WI, assumed leadership in 2017 for the Bible study that Rep. Paul Tittl had begun years before when he was elected to office and could not find a Bible study in the Capitol. Today, Rep. Tittl is the sponsor. Pastor Beresford, who previously worked for 11 years with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association developing new ministries, believes that the Word of God provides a perfect plum line for truth that everything should be measured against.

“We want to see people in the Capitol come to Christ and those who are Christians really become substantial Christians so their faith is not plagued by lack of confidence or doubt or trends or those things that develop domino believers. We want to build substantial Christians who can daily, 24/7, find Christ in the normal rhythms of their lives, where their decisions are not based on political whim, but on the inspiration and the values and principles found in God’s Word. We want them to know to seek the kingdom first.”